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The beauty of album cover art

Vinyl is back in a big way. Maybe it's because we've been spending so much time at home or maybe it's nostalgia but records are what's hot. I personally believe it's because people crave a tangible connection to the things they love. One of my favorite things about buying records is the cover art. So many musicians are putting a lot of thought and effort into the packaging for their new music. When I get in a shipment of new records one of my favorite things is to appreciate the outer sleeve and the time and thought put into it. Artists like Taylor Swift have taken advantage of creative cover variations which can excite fans to buy multiples of the same release. Sometimes it's a snapshot in time of the band or artist and other times it's a piece of art onto itself. This gives collectors an option for decoration and display in their homes or offices. Whether you frame them or set them on a dedicated "now spinning" stand, you can show off your favorite albums.

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